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Orb Diffuser


This diffuser is no longer being stocked. We recommend trying our new diffuser lines instead.


Expertly designed diffuser with a wood grain finish. Curated to complement modern living and tranquil spaces. earthYARD diffusers are available in both light pine and dark walnut and help diffuse essential oils, blends and fragrances into all spaces.


  • Ultrasonic transducer diffusers apply ultrasonic energy into agitated fractionated particles (basically all the good stuff from the essential oil in water is turned into mist and dispersed through the air). Capacity 600ml. Power input: 12W. Noise:<35dB. Dimensions: 19x29x20cm. Complete with 3 mini led warm lights that can be triggered on and off to suit (none of this neon stuff). Inbuilt safety trigger turns off the diffuser before it runs out of water.

  • Suitable for up to 15 metre squared room, super efficient at misting, looks amazing in any space 
  • - Plug In
    - Add water up to the fill to line (fill cup included)
    - Add 8 - 10 drops of essential oils to water holder - the more the stronger
    - Turn on, and revel in the aromaticness