Spotlight on Pink Peppercorn

Pink Peppercorn Oil - slightly sweeter than Black Pepper on the nose, useful for assisting alertness and stamina. Our Australian Pink Peppercorn oil is produced from the peppercorns found from trees in the western plains of NSW and northern Victoria.
Take a journey down many of our beautiful country towns and you'll notice streets littered with Peppercorn trees. Funnily enough, this tree Schinus molle is not a native to Australia despite it's widespread appearance. Pink Peppercorn is actually a Peruvian native.
Brought to Australia in the mid 1800s as a tree that could thrive on dramatic climate changes in arid areas, mostly were planted in public spaces for decoration.
The culinary uses for American Pepper as it's otherwise known are now widespread and fun fact, it's actually a member of the Cashew family - a warning to those with tree nut allergies.
On the oil front - a newer oil to the range for many, this pure essential oil is starting to hold it's own amongst the popular list.
We recommend teaming it with citrus and wood for a calming blend or substituting Black Pepper Oil for Pink Peppercorn Oil in massage applications on tired muscles.
Available now on earthYARD store in 25ml and 100ml. We'd love to know what you think of this one. Email us or find us on facebook and instagram

earthYARD founder appears on Landline

earthYARD and Native Oils Australia founder David Johnson appeared on Landline last Sunday in an overview of the Australian essential oil industry and it's forecast for Australian farmers. And we could be more proud.

Last year our big brother company (of which we share a space with) had a visit from ABC’s Landline. After a much anticipation the full segment aired last Sunday the 15th of April, 2018.

The story is an overview on the current market and the bright future Australia will play in the global market.
Of particular importance are the growing opportunities that exist for conventional Australian farmers as essential oil production increasingly becomes a viable income stream that supports diversity in harsh conventional farming climates.

earthYARD is proud to stand behind our leader and mentor David Johnson in his mission to grow the Australian grown oil industry. Click below to watch the video.

David Johnson on landline - video link

The Gold Album - Sandalwood that is

We’ve come across a few Sandalwoods in our time and by golly are we impressed with this one. 

This farmer has their very own steam distillation facility and quality control lab and when we read through all the test results and certifications we were astounded at just how perfect it all was. Hailing from northern Western Australia this Sandalwood Oil comes from a massive plantation that has been around for decades. Every year this farmer replants more than their annual harvest and has now released this absolutely, beautiful and rich sandalwood.

Sandalwood oil is grounding, calming and helps clear the mind and has been referred to as an aphrodisiac. It’s sweet and woody aroma is also highly prized in perfumery and what we’re bringing you is the very same oil that appears in luxury market fragrances.This farmer is 100% committed to ethical and sustainable production even though they’re not certified organic we have proof that there are zero pesticides and herbicides in this oil and their passion is what sold us completely. It’s so important to believe in what you use and we believe in this Sandalwood.

Have we sold you yet?

A personal note from Rebecca at earthYARD: When I first opened this bottle of sandalwood I had been suffering from a lack of sleep, I was restless and low and just wanted to climb into bed and hide. I twisted open the cap and immediately felt I had been transported into a new body. I was in boss mode again. It was time to put on my big girl shoes and get back into life. Any lethargy had dissipated and I was ready to take on anything. Not only does it have this amazing effect on the mind, it smells magical. When I was a young girl I imagined, my life would look something like a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, jewels, Chanel and luxury. As you get older you discover hidden luxury in different kinds of riches; family, relationships, purity and kindness. This essential oil, to me, represents every one of these luxuries I have in my life and smells exactly how I pictured my life would smell if I was Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


You really have to smell it to believe it which is why we’re offering 5ml until the end of March or until stocks run out for only $30.00 a pop.