The very best of Australian produced oils. From across this massive and diverse land we bring you the essential oils that are setting the benchmarks for global standards.

Our new range of base lotions and gels are expertly formulated to take additional ingredients such as extracts or essential oils or to be used as-is.
Each product is based on natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin-types. 

Essential oils on their own are bliss, blend some together and create pure heaven. We've expertly designed a selection of blends to help you through the daily struggles. From battling colds and hay-fever to finding that buried strength.
3% Dilutions are an affordable way to engage with the beautiful luxurious aromas of Absolutes and Rare Oils from around the world. We make all our dilutions in house form Single Origin oils such as Rose and Neroli and dilute them in a nourishing Australian Jojoba Oil. Suitable for direct skin application and massages.

Single Origin essential oils. Everything oily you need for your collection. 100% pure, unadulterated and produced by farmers and communities all over the globe.

Our extracts are of the highest quality and are in high demand. Some extracts may take up to 7 days to produce.

Our floral waters are made by earthYARD by emulsifying pure essential oil into water. Floral Waters are a consistent and beautiful substitute for Hydrosols.

Waxes, butters, gums, salts and gels. Our favourites for the essential collection of pure ingredients to cover your creating needs.

Nourish your body and mind with our range of single origin, 100% pure essential oils in our earthYARD Beauty Bowl kits or our expertly formulated natural skin care products. Choose from blend-yourself kits, or pick up some recipe tips and select the oils for your skin type.

Arm up with our favourite Winter Essentials to protect yourselves from biting winds, frosts, viruses and creeping lethargy. With our essentials list you can embrace the cold snaps with open gloved arms. USE CODE "FRESH10" upon checkout for 10% off all our winter essentials (Limited time only).