Essential Oils - why so essential?

We're a bit bonkers for essential oils. And why wouldn't you be?!

No other product out there is as versatile. The rich variety of fragrances means there's something out there for every one.
Need a healer? Tick. Need to calm down? Tick. Need to be picked back up? Tick. Tick. Tick.

Living in the wonderful world of essential oils means you can wander into a cafe to meet your friends and have them exclaim, "Oh my! Don't you smell magnificent!?", this is when you can pull your smug face on and reply "That's not perfume you're smelling".
It also means that after that 10km run or hard day in heels when your legs are tired and sore rather than choosing to pump your body full of hard pharmaceuticals you can opt for the more natural approach by rubbing some nutmeg or black pepper into the afflicted area giving you instant warmth.
Want to create a sensual atmosphere? Easy! Pop some Cedar Wood Atlas or Cardamom oil in a burner.
Have an upset little one who just won't settle? Simple! Try a drop or two of Chamomile or Lavender in their bath.

With so many practices dating back to the age of the Roman empires and even further in indigenous rituals, it's hard not to appreciate the strength that exists in natural plant products.

Just some of the many reasons we opened this store for you.