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Where did all the organics go?

If you'veĀ been asking chances are we've already called you and told you all about it, but if we haven't spoken to you yet, let us better explain ourselves.
We've summarised everything you need to know in one page (which is hard for us because we can talk a bit). It covers why we're here, who we are and how we select the products we sell to all our lovely friends. You can read about our here.

While your at it, why not check out other resources we've made available to you here.

Welcome to earthYARD

Welcome to earthYARD. Australia's only essential oils store focusing onĀ single origin products.

We know our farmers and we know the land so we're comfortable telling you that we put 100% confidence into the products we sell.

We never mix our trees. A lavender plant from Tasmania will never dance with its sister from France. And not because we have anything against family reunions, we just prefer our oils to be able to display their full individuality. Our oils are at their strongest when they stand on their own two feet. And that's why we don't adulterate.

Right now, we'd like to invite you to explore our store and get your hands dirty. Pick your favourite scents, or tones. Or perhaps you're on the lookout for something with a healing or wellbeing property. Or perhaps, you might even want to join us on our trip around Australia and sample the aromas from the native plants that dot our vast country. Whichever you choose, we're delighted to have you with us and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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See you soon!