Great Christmas Ideas

Yes, yes, it's only October. But on the other hand, IT'S ALREADY OCTOBER!
I don't know about you but every year I try to get as much as I can sorted before the madness that is December. Post slows down, parties pick up, shops get full, budgets get tighter. After many years of last minute rushes to the department store on Christmas Eve I said enough was enough.

October is a great time to start putting together present buying wishlists because we have that ever so slightly more relaxed mental zone that allows us to dream up unique presents including ones we can make ourselves.

This is why we've decided to give you access now to our Christmas Gift Guide. It's full of new gift packs, DIY options, new blends, new skin care products and our picks for Christmas appropriate single origin essential oils.

One of our new products we're extremely excited about is our Perky Coffee Scrub, expertly created to increase circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells and leave your largest organ feeling refreshed, nourished and healthy. 

Whilst we're on skin care, have you ever bought a moisturiser and thought, this is just not right, it either feels wonderful but smells terrible or smells amazing but is terribly bad for you. We'll we've got a solution. We've created an all natural balancing moisturiser suitable for all skin types. The best news is that it's fragrance free because we want you to be able to customise it the way you like it. For Christmas we're giving you the ability to get our beautiful deep penetration moisturiser and add one 25ml single origin essential oil for only $30. We'll provide you with everything you need including a mixing spatula, a pipette to help you get the right measurement of oil (we recommend 3ml in every 200ml), and a pump bottle for presentation and practicality.

We'll touch on some of our other great deals and packs over the coming weeks but right now, have a browse through our gift ideas list and get your wishlists in order.

Happy shopping!


PS - don't forget that now when you spend $150 or more you get FREE SHIPPING! Bonus savings for Christmas!

Floral Waters are the new Hydrosols

Here's the deal, we've taken down the hydrosols that were previously available on our store. But before you freak out lemme 'splain:

Hydrosol is the run off water from the distillation (otherwise known as the by-product) and sometimes only a small amount is made available. We sell out so quickly that often our lovely customers have to wait for thus to get new batches in. The other part to that story is that because hydrosols are pure form we don't preserve them, so if not stored correctly they may change with time. Rather than passing that risk on we're moving our focus to Floral Waters - and we've added heaps to the range. 

What's the difference? We make these ourselves! How you ask? We use reverse osmosis to remove any impurities in our water, mix in pure and clean essential oil and then add a natural plant derived preservative to make sure it remains perfect for you. This means that we'll always have stock! Hooray!

Floral waters  can be used as a replacement for hydrosols or pure water in skin care, cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Still want hydrosols? From time to time we'll receive a big batch of hydrosols straight from the distillation we'll make these available online until sold out.

Thanks for listening!

New! In resources

Where did all the organics go?

If you've been asking chances are we've already called you and told you all about it, but if we haven't spoken to you yet, let us better explain ourselves.
We've summarised everything you need to know in one page (which is hard for us because we can talk a bit). It covers why we're here, who we are and how we select the products we sell to all our lovely friends. You can read about our here.

While your at it, why not check out other resources we've made available to you here.