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Beeswax Unrefined - Australia

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Australian Beeswax is popular internationally in candle-making because of its ability to hold and blend well with fragrances. It is also a unique addition to skin moisturisers as it is rich in natural fats that may help to boost skin hydration. Our unrefined beeswax still has that delicious, natural beeswax smell.


  • Our unrefined Beeswax is a natural wax produced by the honeybee in Jardwadjali Victoria Australia and has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is high quality, pesticide-free and ethically harvested from beehives. Our producer loves and looks after their bees.

    Recommended for skincare and candle making.

  • Beeswax may be anti-bacterial, moisturising, hydrating, and an effective natural emulsifier.

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