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Amethyst Crystal Chips - 100GM

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Amethyst is probably one of the most well-known crystals. By colour, form as well as its powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. Amethyst bares the energy of fire and passion. Did you know, the name Amethyst is derived from the Greek word améthystos (αμέθυστος), meaning "not intoxicated". Ancient Greeks and Romans routinely studded their goblets with Amethyst believing that wine drunk from an Amethyst cup would not lead to intoxication. Further, Catholic bishops also wore Amethyst in a ring to protect them from mystical intoxication. 
It is from this that we can see the line of belief that Amethyst is a powerful protector and balancer of the mind. 

Amethyst can reduce inflammation and increase circulation. It is also able to increase oxygen intake through the skin allowing cells to regenerate faster. Amethyst further can assist in drawing out skin level toxins, leaving you brighter, glowing and refreshed.

Amethyst can work wonders to clear any blockages and balance both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Amethyst is highly conducive to stilling one’s thoughts during meditation and surrendering to that which is greater than the self.

Called the "all-healer", Amethyst calms and soothes, can assist with communication, transference of negative to positive energy and can be used to balance moods. Amethyst increases hormone production as well as supports the nervous system and endocrine system. Amethyst also strengthens the immune system and reduces bruising, pain, and swellings. Emotionally,  Amethyst helps to identify the underlying causes behind one’s negative patterns or habits by initiating wisdom and greater understanding. 


1) Immerse in salt water overnight
2) Expose to rain water for 5 minutes
3) Leave under a full or waning moon overnight
4) Smudge with sage or eucalypt smoke
5) Use your personal energies if you're up to it to cleanse and clear any stored negativities

Origin - Brazil, Madagascar 

  • Our Amethys Crystal chips are mined in Brazil and Madagascar. 

    Recommended for rollers and meditation bowls.

  • Soothing, cleansing, calming, balancing.