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Become a Premium earthYARD member and save 20% on every order, plus get free shipping - always!

Skin Care Kits

Know your skin care products inside out by creating them purely and naturally yourselves. earthYARDify your face!


Morning and night - rid your skin of the days' impurities with an all natural cleanser. Sounds hypocritical but using the right essential oils can actually strip out the bad stuff and replace your skin with the nourishment it needs to keep a healthy glow. Massage a few drops of the cleanser of your choice over your face and wipe away with a damp cloth.

Sensitive Skin
There's nothing worse than having to be super choosy about skin care because your skin is more temperamental than a teenager. This cleanser recipe takes ingredients from nature and turns them into a blanket for your face that will not leave you feeling stripped and sore.

30ml Jojoba Oil
20ml Tamanu Oil
3ml Lavender
3ml Frankincense
3ml Lemon


Oily Skin
It's not counter-intuitive, it's a miracle! Both Castor and Hazelnut oil have been proven to dry the skin of accumulated hormone produced oils. These hormone produced oils won't go away though, it's a natural body build up that's (sorry) totally normal. For temporary relief try this blend.

30ml Castor Oil
30ml Hazelnut Oil
That's it! Trust us!


Dry Skin
Do you know all too well that feeling of cracking skin that's like someone has poured cement over you and to crack a smile would just shatter your face into tiny little pieces? Then love this cleanser. Rosehip oil nourishes your skin by penetrating to the deepest layers to regenerate cells and increase collagen production whilst Hemp oil is made up of 80% essential fatty acids that will moisturise you to the core.

30ml Hemp Oil
20ml Rosehip Oil
3ml Lemon Oil
3ml Lavender Oil
3ml Parsley Oil


Combination Skin
Nobody can stereotype this skin type. Oily forehead, nose and chin but dry cheeks? So fickle! Easy fixed. This cleanser will restore missing natural fatty acids and leave your skin feeling like a fresh autumn morning.

30ml Tamanu Oil
20ml Castor Oil
3ml Rosemary Oil
3ml Geranium Oil
3ml Orange Oil



Get your luxury on and treat your face to a day spa of its own with a facial serum mother earth would be proud of. Massage a few drops of the serum of your choice over your face after cleansing - leave on.

Redness Reducer
30ml Tamanu Oil
20ml Jojoba Oil
10ml Geranium OIl


Wrinkle Free
30ml Rosehip Oil
20ml Pomegranate Seed Oil
3ml Lavender Oil
3ml Lemon Oil
3ml Rosemary Oil


Moisture Replenisher
30ml Avocado Oil
20ml Coconut Virgin Oil
3ml Peppermint Oil
3ml Carrot Seed Oil
3ml Lemon Oil


Spots Be Gone
40ml Hemp Oil
10ml Tea Tree Oil
5ml Clary Sage Oil
5ml Juniper Berry Oil