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Bi Carb Soda - USA

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One household staple that we love is Bi-carb Soda. It's fantastic at absorbing odour and moisture, works wonders on grimey build-up and is just what you need to keep your home from getting musty. Keep indoor air fresh by putting a few scoops of bicarb soda into a jar with a couple of drops of your favourite crisp essential oil aroma (we can't go past Eucalyptus Narrow Leaf Peppermint Oil). Combat damp winter carpet by sprinkling bicarb soda over affected areas to absorb moisture before vacuuming. Keep grime at bay by creating a Bicarb paste that can be used to scrub in the bathroom and kitchen. There are so many ways to use bicarb soda to Do Stuff Naturally around the home. A real winner for the DIY box.


  • Our Bi Carb is harvested in the USA and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its quality. It is chemical free and is completely natural. Recommended for skin care and body care products.

  • Cleansing, exfoliating, all-rounder