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That sounds like a great deal! A sample pack of 8 x 10ml Australian essential oils for $50, including a calico bag, is a fantastic way to explore different aromas
That sounds like a great deal! A sample pack of 8 x 10ml Australian essential oils for $50, including a calico bag, is a fantastic way to explore different aromas.
What's our anthem? - earthYARD

What's our anthem?

An anthem is something you stand for. It's a flag you wave to say this is what I believe in. I'd like to tell you a little about our earthyardities:

HONESTY (earthYARDist): Before we started this business I personally had challenging times truly believing in any existing oil brands because I felt shut out and often found myself asking stupid questions that i shouldn't have to ask like "What's in your Argan oil?" and "I know it says it's just Juniperberry oil, but is that really all that's in it?". It angered me that i wasn't allowed to know where it came from, how it got here and if there were any traces of nasty stuff that i didn't want to be exposed to. We choose to make all test results available to anyone who wants to look at them. We'd happily explain any of the sciency stuff as well.

COMMUNITY (earthYARDians): Over our collective lives, everyone at eY headquarters has had multiple first hand experiences with the trials and tribulations that comes with being a farmer. Turning a profit is never an easy task and if there's a bad season, well then that's just bad for everyone. More and more, we'd see growers turning to brokers to take their stock and in turn they'd have to part with their produce for far less than what it's worth.
When we purchase the beautiful things we make available to all of you, we choose to go straight to, or as close as possible to, the grower. This means that what you're buying is not the dregs of some 10 tonne bulk purchase that's now 5 years old. It also means that more of your dollar goes to the grower, their families and their communities. Big smiles all-round.

SMELLABILITY (earthYARDly): If it smells bad, it probably is. If the eyes are the window to the soul, the nose is the window to truth. You can smell it when something isn't right and you can also use your nose to heal yourself. It's super critical to us that not only is the quality of the oil immaculate, it smells exactly like it's supposed to - like perfection.

So why has the word "certified" disappeared from our site? Simple - we have a network of farmers and growers who are not certified organic. We believe their product is just as good if not better than some organically certified. We also test the quality of these products and would pedestal these pure and clean oils in a heartbeat. We choose to represent these growers just as much as our certified growers and so we've withdrawn our certification to enable us to do so. We encourage all our customers to ask questions and make their own choices about our products and we would be happy to answer any concerns.

This is the earthYARD anthem and this is the flag we're waving. We're the same company, the same brand, now with added passion - all in all we're just a bit earthYARDier.




earthYARD what's our anthem?


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