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  • Meet the earthYARD team

    Meet the earthYARD team

    In this digital world, it's always nice to get to know some of the people that bring us our favourite products. Our people are the most essential aspect of our beloved essential oils, so we thought we'd give you a little introduction to a few of our team members.

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  • Sustainability at earthYARD

    Sustainability at earthYARD

    Sustainability is serious business at earthYARD, as is transparency. Because we rely on the fruits of mother nature, we feel obliged to do our bit to keep our earth healthy.  So we thought we’d give you a quick run-down of how we keep the health of our planet in mind.
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  • What's our anthem? - earthYARD

    What's our anthem?

    An anthem is something you stand for. It's a flag you wave to say this is what I believe in. We're the same company, the same brand, now with added passion - all in all we're just a bit earthYARDierI'd like to tell you a little about our anthem or our earthyardities. 

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  • The Gold Album - Sandalwood that is - earthYARD

    The Gold Album-Sandalwood that is

    We’ve come across a few Sandalwoods and by golly are we impressed with this one. This farmer has their own steam distillation facility and quality control lab and when we saw all the test results and certifications we were astounded how perfect it all was. 

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    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a safe festive season. We're going on holidays and will be returning January 4th. Feel free to get ahead and pop your orders in over the break, we'll attend to them as soon as we reopen.
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  • Christmas Shut-Down - earthYARD

    Christmas Shut-Down

    We hope you've had as great year as we have and we look forward to another fantastic year for 2017. EarthYARD will be taking though a well-deserved break from the warehouse with a Christmas Shut-Down from December 22nd 2016 to January 4th 2017.


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  • We turned one - happy birthday us - earthYARD

    We turned one - happy birthday us

    This month last year we were born. We've made some great long lasting friendships, grew our family and we couldn't be prouder of where we are today. To thank you for joining us in our first year we have a little present for you.

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  • The Scented Spirit of Christmas - earthYARD

    The Scented Spirit of Christmas

    Do you love the Christmas spirit? whether you're a full roast and traditional carols person or a bbq on the beach Aussie, we've got a blend for you. Give the scented spirit of Christmas with earthYARD Christmas Blend and Australian Christmas Blend 

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