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Recipes and Tips

  • Super quick and easy DIY Deodorant

    Super quick and easy DIY Deodorant

    Natural deodorants are all the rage - there are so many fantastic products to try and we now have the option to change it up month to month and sometimes it's nice to just make it yourself. Each of the ingredients in this quick recipe are available from our store.

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  • Eradicate toxins and mould naturally - earthYARD

    Eradicate toxins and mould naturally

    If you discover mould, there are many ways to remove it. These easy DIY options that can reduce your use of single-use plastic packaging, your household budget. Instead of introducing toxins into your home by using commercial cleaners, try our natural home remedy.

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  • 9 Completely Unique Christmas Gifts Using Essential Oils - earthYARD

    9 Christmas Gifts with Essential Oils

    Coming up with interesting, personal and completely unique Christmas gifts every year can be a bit tiring. Avoid the last-minute dash to the  crowded department store and instead opt for one of these ideas for something different.

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