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The Ultimate Luxury Gift Box

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This is the perfect gift for the beauty and skin care enthusiast. From a muscle relaxing magnesium salt bath to personalising their own vitamin rich moisturising body cream, this gift pack has it all.

Valued at $167, for only $129, gifting luxury has been made easy.

1 x 1L of Cream Base. Fragrance-free, medium thickness base is nourishing, absorbs quickly and is made with a fuss-free formula that is suitable for sensitive skin. It can also be used as a moisturiser for the hands, feet, face or body. This Cream base is designed to accept up to 10% in additional ingredients such as extracts, oils and fragrances

1 x 100ml of Natural Vitamin E. Tocopherols are natural antioxidants derived from processed and refined plant material. The high vitamin E content that is present in Tocopherols act as a natural preservative in your formula as well as a beautiful vitamin E addition to skin care products. Our Natural Vitamin E is derived from Soy bean and Coconut.

1 x 100ml of Kakadu in Jojoba. Kakadu Plum has the highest concentration of Vitamin C than any other fruit in the world. It may be beneficial for mature skin, acne-prone skin and irritated skin due to its anti-oxidant, brightening, anti-inflammatory and collagen assisting properties. Jojoba is a favourite carrier oil in skin and hair care formulas and essential oil blends. It's rich in Omega fatty acids that can soothe, rehydrate and protect the skin. 

1 x 100ml of 3% Rose in JojobaFewer scents evoke love like Rose. Rose is the perfect scent to show love for a significant other, or to yourself.

1 x 17ml of Pharoah BlendPharoah blend is pure indulgence. It excites the senses with gems of the essential oil world. Rich Neroli, calming Chamomile and grounding Sandalwood are the jewels of this blend. Yuzi, Tangerine and Lime add brightness and sparkle, while Frangipani and Rose Geranium give it delicious depth. Pharoah blend invokes luxury and if it were a jewel it would be all of the dazzling ones. Strong, opulent and precious - it's fit for royalty and worth every drop.

1x 500gm of Epsom SaltMagnesium + Sulfur + Oxygen = Epsom Salts.
Centuries of documented use as a bath salt to help ease muscle tension, pain and for general relaxation has Epsom Salt high up on our list of must-haves for the home clinic