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  • Essential oils on Australian farms

    Essential oils on Australian farms

    When it comes to home-grown essential oils, the sentiment rings true: the more the merrier. We genuinely believe that essential oils grown locally can support farmers, consumers and our industry. In this post, we share a few reasons why.
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  • Meet the earthYARD team

    Meet the earthYARD team

    In this digital world, it's always nice to get to know some of the people that bring us our favourite products. Our people are the most essential aspect of our beloved essential oils, so we thought we'd give you a little introduction to a few of our team members.

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  • Go Aussie Produced

    Go Aussie Produced

    Supporting Australian produced products is our goal. Every year we come across new producers trying to establish oil plantations locally that would typically be grown overseas. EarthYARD is proud to announce that we have the first Australian produced Camellia oil.

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