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Quandong Extract - Australia


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Santalum acuminatum

Quandong, also known as Native Peach is high in magnesium, vitamin C and folate. Another key quality of this super extract is that it has a presence of Rutin which is used to reduce redness and pigments like dark circles under the eye. A cool Australian ingredient for skin care. Historically important amongst indigenous health culture, and now emerging as a leading ingredients in natural cosmetics.
Quandong is also available in Oil Soluble Infusions

  • Quandongs are extracted into Glycerine and water from plants grown in Australia and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its high quality. Recommended for perfumery and skin care. Care Instructions: Not recommended for ingestion. Products in 500ml and 1000ml sizes may come in aluminium canisters.

  • Nourishing, antioxidant, protecting, circulation