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Spearmint Floral Water - Australia


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Mentha spicata

Spearmint Floral Water is a strong anti-septic and stimulating scent with a fresh menthol and sweet aroma. Our Floral Water is made here in Australia (by us!) and uses our Australian Spearmint Oil.

TRY: Substitute water for Spearmint Floral Water in room sprays, body mists and cleaning products for a sweet, fresh and anti-septic touch.
Ingredients: UV Radiated Sydney Water, Spearmint Oil, Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate & Calcium Gluconate.

  • Spearmint Floral Water is a made product and uses spearmint leaves grown in Australia and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its high quality. Naturally Preserved. Recommended for aromatherapy and blends. Care Instructions: Not recommended for ingestion. Products in 500ml and 1000ml sizes may come in aluminium canisters.

  • Anti-septic, stimulating, refreshing