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Make Waves With Us For World Oceans Day

Make Waves With Us For World Oceans Day

Australian’s inhabit the world’s largest island, so it’s natural for us to have an affinity for the ocean. It gives many of us so much. It’s a precious resource, a place for play and is home to many marine plants and animals. This World Oceans Day earthYARD is proud to have partnered with the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) as a Wavemaker – and you can help us grow our positive impact too.

Why World Oceans Day?

Did you know that the earth and human bodies are both about 70% water. Just like us, the earth needs clean and thriving water systems to survive. If it seems a stretch to imagine why a company like earthYARD should be a champion for our oceans, consider this:

  • Plastic and climate change both pose serious threats to our oceans. In our globalised world, there isn’t an area remote enough to escape these impacts. Likewise, at least in the developed world, there isn’t a person detached enough from these systems to not have an effect on the ocean.
  • 16% of all animal protein consumed globally comes from our ocean. This means that we rely on the sea for food and need to manage supply sustainably so as to not deplete this precious resource.
  • Rainfall and droughts are regulated by our ocean. Our agricultural is impacted by drastic changes, like drought, flooding and rain. Ocean health directly affects the system that provides us with food and commodities – including essential oils.

Impacts aside, earthYARD and the One Good Thing initiative is about acting as stewards of community and the earth. Supporting our oceans is the right thing to do, and as we are able, we do it. But we can’t do it alone.

One Good Thing for our oceans

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife. Founded over 50 years ago, the group advocates for healthy oceans nationwide based on science and research. earthYARD supports this community and their work for healthy thriving oceans. This is part of the future that we hope to see, which is why AMCS is one of the nine initiatives that we support with the One Good Thing fund.

The One Good Thing Fund automatically puts $1 from every order into a kitty that gets distributed to these initiatives equally. We gave our fund a boost by making an $895 initial donation to each initiative and from now on, each purchase will continue to build on that.

Get Involved

For world oceans day, we’re doing something a little different. As an Wavemaker, we’re using our platform to shine the light on the AMCS and their extraordinary celebration of the oceans.

For one day only, your donation will be matched, so if you’d like to support the AMCS and our oceans, give a little on Giving Day and they will double it!

If you aren’t able to give financially, you can also support AMCS by getting involved with the Fight for Our Reef photo campaign. This record-breaking visual petition aims to show the world just how many of us love the Great Barrier Reef and want to protect it. The aim is to collect 120,000 photos of reef-lovers from around the world to send a powerful message to decision-makers that can impact the reef for good.

Make this World Oceans Day a celebration and get involved! The best way to make waves and change is to do it together!


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