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  • Sustainability at earthYARD

    Sustainability at earthYARD

    Sustainability is serious business at earthYARD, as is transparency. Because we rely on the fruits of mother nature, we feel obliged to do our bit to keep our earth healthy.  So we thought we’d give you a quick run-down of how we keep the health of our planet in mind.
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  • A Guide to our New Look Trios

    A Guide to our New Look Trios

    Are you looking to start your essential oil collection economically, or want to gift these natural goodies to someone special? We put a lot of thought into what oils group well together for blending, uses and needs to create gorgeous essential oil Trio collections.
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    Do you have a winning recipe for natural beauty or household products that you would love to share with the earthYARD community?   Submit your entries to or PM/DM us through insta or facebook for your #chancetowin a $50...

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  • Go Aussie Produced

    Go Aussie Produced

    Supporting Australian produced products is our goal. Every year we come across new producers trying to establish oil plantations locally that would typically be grown overseas. EarthYARD is proud to announce that we have the first Australian produced Camellia oil.

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  • Spotlight on Pink Peppercorn - earthYARD

    Spotlight on Pink Peppercorn

    Take a journey down many of our beautiful country towns and you'll notice streets littered with Peppercorn trees. Funnily enough, this tree Schinus molle is not a native to Australia despite it's widespread appearance. Pink Peppercorn is actually a Peruvian native.

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  • New - Winter Protection Serum - earthYARD

    New - Winter Protection Serum

    Harnessing the power of Sea Buckthorn which has 12 times as much Vitamin C than oranges PLUS is super rich with Omegas 3,6,7 and 9, Vitamin E and A. This winter serum will have you protected, soothed and restored.

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  • Black Friday is coming - earthYARD

    Start getting excited Black Friday is coming

    Black Friday is nearly upon us. Mark the date in your calendar, everything will be 20% off. Prices will already be reduced, so now is the time to sign up to our newsletter list to get access to extra super secret discount codes and deals.

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