RECIPE: Aloe + Calendula Toner

Australian plant extracts are highly sought after for skin care products around the world. Perhaps the sometimes harsh climates these plants thrive in have enabled them to develop compounds to store the very vital elements that allow them to live. These compounds that are extracted through a hydro-glyceric process are prized for their abilities to rejuvinate the skin, restore elasticity and replenish lost anti-oxidants.

Calendula Extract in particular has been used extensively for medicinal purposes such as scar and tissue healing, collagen stimulation and replacement due to the presence of favinoids, carotenes and triterpenes. It's Australia's star player in popular creams and lotions. Our Calendula Extract is made by us so we know it's perfect.

Aloe Vera Gel has become famous for reducing inflammation and reducing redness of the skin - hello sun burn - but did you know that Aloe is especially useful in speeding up skin cell regeneration? The polysaccharide-rich composition of Aloe Vera encourages hydration which is vital for keeping those cells happy and healthy. earthYARD has been making Aloe Vera Gel from Australian Aloe Vera plants for years and we're confident you won't find a better one anywhere else. 

Witch Hazel is our number one toner ingredient. Do you remember being a pimple-ridden teenager and mum coming back form the chemist with a bottle of Witch Hazel? That stuff would burn for a few seconds and then before you knew it you'd be wandering around like a movie star picturing yourself on the big screen. Or was that just me? Witch Hazel itself is a power house for clearing out the pores and reducing inflammation making it an essential ingredient for skin toners.

Chamomile Floral Water, soothing, calming and have we mentioned how beautiful it smells? Our Chamomile Floral Water is made by us, to order with a natural preservative meaning you don't need to add any extra preservatives to this recipe. The aroma alone is enough to make your skin sing, but Chamomile Roman Essential Oil which is what we use in our floral water eases skin irritations, rashes and scarring.

Aloe + Calendula Toner

(Makes 1L)

800ml Chamomile Floral Water
100ml Witch Hazel Extract
50ml Calendula Hydro Glyceric Extract
50ml Aloe Vera Gel

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk/spoon/soft blender. Divide into spray bottles. Use after cleansing daily for a smooth fresh face.

Happy mixing,
Bec x

New - Winter Protection Serum

All New Skin Care Range

At earthYARD we're all about making life easier for our customers which is why we came up with a new range of skin care products that use the very same oils and raw ingredients you've been loving from our store.

Why is this making your life easier? Well our All Natural Balancing Moisturiser is fragrance free! Which means all you need to do is add your own hand crafted blends using the oils you adore and you've got your very own personalised moisturiser.

base lotion

Christmas pressies are sorted this year! We've got 200ml sizes (perfect little tubs for individualised gifts) and 1L tubs for bulk mixing. Just add 3ml of oil blends to the 200ml or up to 20ml for the 1L.

Get mixing!

The other new product in our range is a special one. We've spent the past few months trying all the coffee scrubs out there (because who doesn't love a coffee overload!) and there was always something missing. So we thought, hey! we can do this ourselves! So we did.

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We've concocted our favourite mix of oils and raw ingredients to bring you a beautiful coffee scrub with added magnesium, coconut oil and a fresh and powerful aroma that will be sure to awaken the senses whilst nourishing the skin to its deepest layers. Also perfect for Chrissie gifts (or keep it all to yourself, we nearly did). Check it out here.

coffee scrub

We're constantly trying new ideas and we hope to add new products to this range over the next few months. We'd love your feedback on them, get in touch and tell us what you think.