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Become a Premium earthYARD member and save 20% on every order, plus get free shipping - always!

Recipes and Tips

  • Bubba Safe Bug Lotion

    Bubba Safe Bug Lotion

    Kids thrive outdoors, from playing in the dirt, rolling in the grass, exploring nature and splashing in puddles. With this extra mother earth exposure comes the added pressure to ensure our kids stay bite free. We’ve put together an easy recipe for you
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  • Homegrown Holiday Gift Ideas

    Homegrown Holiday Gift Ideas

    Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, zesty citrus and herb essential oils are just some of the beautiful botanicals gifts that we produce here in Australia. We’ve rounded up our favourite home-grown essential oils that would make beautiful gifts, plus share some tips for how to make it.
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  • Combination Skin Cleanser

    Combination Skin Cleanser

    Oily forehead, nose and chin but dry cheeks? Combination skin can be so fickle! Cleansing correctly can help balance this patchy skin type, and the ingredients in this oil-based recipe work wonders while you wash.
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  • Scenting Your Home With Essential Oils

    Scenting Your Home With Essential Oils

    One of the first things we notice when we walk into a new space is the smell. Essential oils are a wonderful natural alternative for adding pleasant scents to your home. Learn where and how you can use essential oils at home to keep it smelling sweet.
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  • 9 Completely Unique Christmas Gifts Using Essential Oils - earthYARD

    9 Christmas Gifts with Essential Oils

    Coming up with interesting, personal and completely unique Christmas gifts every year can be a bit tiring. Avoid the last-minute dash to the  crowded department store and instead opt for one of these ideas for something different.

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  • Great Christmas Ideas - earthYARD

    Great Christmas Ideas

    Yes, yes, it's only October. But on the other hand, IT'S ALREADY OCTOBER! This is why we've decided to give you access now to our Christmas Gift Guide. It's full of new gift packs, DIY options, new skin care products and our picks for Christmas essential oils.

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