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White Spirit Vinegar - Aust 1L

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White Australian made vinegar made by fermenting distilled alcohol. This is a natural product and a harmless sediment may develop over time. Acidity percentage 10%. Most food grade vinegars have an acidity value of around 5%. Typical cleaning grades are around 6%. This 10% super strong vinegar is here for the win when it comes to natural cleaning. Easy to use - simply dilute 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water to make a straight to bench safe spray.

For natural cleaning don't look further than a good quality vinegar. White vinegar should be a staple in your cleaning cupboard. Suitable for floors, benches, stainless steel, glass, bathrooms and extremely soiled clothing.

Due to the high acidity value of this product we recommend keeping out of reach from children. Whilst a diluted solution as described above is pet safe and kids safe when used on surfaces the pure vinegar can be upsetting if consumed. If this does happen, drink lots of water to flush it out and reduce the acidity.

Here are some useful recipes to get you started:

General Cleaner
Dilute 1 part to 10 parts hot water. Add a few drops of Cold Pressed Lemon Oil, Cold Pressed Orange Oil or Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Gum for a refreshing anti-bacterial cleaner.

Mould Remover
For a hardy mould or scum remover add 1/2 a cup of White Vinegar to 1/4 Cup of Bi-Carb Soda. Thin with hot water to desired consistency and add 6 drops of Eucalyptus Blue Mallee.

  • White Spirit Vinegar is fermented on Bundjalung land, Australia. Care Instructions: Do not ingest. Products in 500ml and 1000ml sizes may come in aluminium canisters. Store below 30 degrees in a dark space. Lifespan - 3 years

  • Purifying, cleansing