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Recipes and Tips

  • Bubba Safe Bug Lotion

    Bubba Safe Bug Lotion

    Kids thrive outdoors, from playing in the dirt, rolling in the grass, exploring nature and splashing in puddles. With this extra mother earth exposure comes the added pressure to ensure our kids stay bite free. We’ve put together an easy recipe for you
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  • Beard Oil - How to tame the beast. Easy tip

    Beard Oil - How to tame the beast. Easy tip

    This measure and mix recipe is so quick to put together and makes a great gift idea for a loved one. If you love a good beard but left to their own devices they can be rather off-putting. A well maintained beard indicates a certain level of self-respect.

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  • Easy Blemish Face Mask

    Easy Blemish Face Mask

    This is a super simple blemish control clay mask full of powerful anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals, that can be put together in 5 minutes making it perfect for Saturday Nights In with the girls or part of your regular weekly skin care regime.
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  • Recipes for cleanliness

    Recipes for cleanliness

    We must admit we have enjoyed the many fantastically cleaning ideas that have spawned out of this new intensive focus on hygiene and cleanliness lately, including natural hand sanitisers and antibacterial cleaners. Here are two of our favourite recipes.

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  • RECIPE: Aloe + Calendula Toner - earthYARD

    BEAUTY RECIPE: Aloe plus Calendula Toner

    Free recipe: Aloe Vera and Calendula Toner. Australian plant extracts are highly sought after for skin care products around the world. We've created a super easy 4 ingredient recipe for a daily toner that can be created in 4 minutes.

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  • DIY Hair Serum Recipe - Defrizz and shine - earthYARD

    DIY Hair Serum Recipe - Defrizz and shine

    From time to time we like to play around and create products made of natural ingredients that really work. This is one of those times. Each of these ingredients brings a myriad of benefits for your hair keeping it healthy, encouraging growth and naturally tames.

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