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Calendula Infused in Olive Oil


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Oleo Europaea and Calendula officinalis

In-house infused botanical into 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. An oil soluble solution for your cosmetic formulas. Skin safe, Calendula flowers are infused using our special technique. Calendula is a popular ingredient in skin care due to its suitability for most skin types. Restorative, high in vitamin C and anti-inflammatory in nature, it is useful in soothing sores and skin irritations.
Best used in creams and lotions as well as facial oils and serums.
Also available infused in Jojoba Oil or Sunflower Oil.

See also our Hydro Glyceric Extract version for water soluble Calendula product.


  • Calendula is infused into Olive Oil from marigold plants grown in Australia and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its high quality.  Recommended for massage, skin care and cosmetic applications. Care Instructions: Not recommended for ingestion. 

  • Nourishing, Soothing, Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory