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  • 2 Buck Tuesday - Our Pledge - earthYARD

    2 Buck Tuesday - Our Pledge

    Phoenix Rising’s vision is to build retreats around Australia that can house youth, critical therapy, defence veterans, education and wellbeing services.
    EarthYARD is donating $2.00 from every order on May 14th to their 2BuckTuesday national campaign
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  • Happy Birthday to Us - earthYARD

    Happy Birthday to Us

    It's our birthday today and it's times like these that we embark on a bit of reflection. The single thing that keeps us going is you, our customers. It's your hundreds of ideas brewing, your passion and ambition, stories and dreams. This is why we do what we do.

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  • earthYARD founder appears on Landline - earthYARD

    earthYARD founder appears on Landline

    earthYARD and Native Oils Australia founder David Johnson appeared on Landline last Sunday in an overview of the Australian essential oil industry and it's forecast for Australian farmers. We are very proud.

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  • Autumn is for serious stuff - earthYARD

    Autumn is for serious stuff

    Autumn is for getting stuff done. Slowly over the next few months we'll be making results available for everyone so watch this space for a new hit of science-stuff. Plus did you notice the sale is still going? It's going to keep going! Woo hoo!

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  • What is Single Origin? - earthYARD

    What is Single Origin?

    You've probably heard the term in relation to coffee beans and maybe even cocoa. Apply it to essential oils and it means exactly the same thing. Single Origin is also a way of stamping and certifying a product to be completely pure.

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  • Why Diffuse - earthYARD

    Why Diffuse

    There are so many ways to use essential oils from direct to chakra application, burning them, wearing them, reed diffusing them, room spraying them, atomizing them, you name it, we've done it. But the method we've stuck to is diffusing. 

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  • 4 Seasons of Oil - earthYARD

    4 Seasons of Oil

    What types of products that can be created when using oils as base ingredients. This week we want to touch on how essential oils can become a necessary companion to each season and the trials and tribulations we face over the course of a year.

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  • Floral Waters are the new Hydrosols - earthYARD

    Floral Waters are the new Hydrosols

    Floral waters  can be used as a replacement for hydrosols or pure water in skin care, cosmetics and aromatherapy. Here's the deal, we've taken down the hydrosols previously available on our store. But before you freak out read on to find out what's happening.

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