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  • Homegrown Holiday Gift Ideas

    Homegrown Holiday Gift Ideas

    Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, zesty citrus and herb essential oils are just some of the beautiful botanicals gifts that we produce here in Australia. We’ve rounded up our favourite home-grown essential oils that would make beautiful gifts, plus share some tips for how to make it.
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  • Essential Oils and Pet Safety

    Essential Oils and Pet Safety

    Pets are part of the family and like humans, many different factors come into play with essential oil sensitivity in pets. But by following a few best practice tips you can use essential oils safely to keep you and your furry friends healthy and happy.
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  • 12 Oils of Christmas

    12 Oils of Christmas

    If your Christmas list includes an aromatherapy aficionado, natural beauty lover, DIY homemaker or diffuser devotee, essential oils are, well, essential. There’s an oil for everyone this Christmas, and we’ve got 12 great ideas to make Christmas shopping easier.
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  • Upcycle your plastics

    Upcycle your plastics

    We've compiled 10 of our favourite upcycle ideas that can be achieved with our plastic bottles. Plus read more about our new return and refill program where we will clean and recondition plastic and aluminium vessels for re-use. Reduce. Reimagine. Recycle. Reuse.
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  • Eradicate toxins and mould naturally - earthYARD

    Eradicate toxins and mould naturally

    If you discover mould, there are many ways to remove it. These easy DIY options that can reduce your use of single-use plastic packaging, your household budget. Instead of introducing toxins into your home by using commercial cleaners, try our natural home remedy.

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  • 8 DIY Green Living Cleaning Hacks with Essential Oils - earthYARD

    8 DIY Green Living Cleaning Hacks with Essential Oils

    Winter is a dirty month. Open fires, heater dust and walking dropped Autumn leaves through the house, not to forget the extra germs laying about form all those extra colds and flues. Essential oils should be an essential part of the green living home cleaning kit.

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  • 9 Completely Unique Christmas Gifts Using Essential Oils - earthYARD

    9 Christmas Gifts with Essential Oils

    Coming up with interesting, personal and completely unique Christmas gifts every year can be a bit tiring. Avoid the last-minute dash to the  crowded department store and instead opt for one of these ideas for something different.

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  • Great Christmas Ideas - earthYARD

    Great Christmas Ideas

    Yes, yes, it's only October. But on the other hand, IT'S ALREADY OCTOBER! This is why we've decided to give you access now to our Christmas Gift Guide. It's full of new gift packs, DIY options, new skin care products and our picks for Christmas essential oils.

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