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Recipes and Tips

  • Bubba Safe Bug Lotion

    Bubba Safe Bug Lotion

    Kids thrive outdoors, from playing in the dirt, rolling in the grass, exploring nature and splashing in puddles. With this extra mother earth exposure comes the added pressure to ensure our kids stay bite free. We’ve put together an easy recipe for you
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  • Homegrown Holiday Gift Ideas

    Homegrown Holiday Gift Ideas

    Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, zesty citrus and herb essential oils are just some of the beautiful botanicals gifts that we produce here in Australia. We’ve rounded up our favourite home-grown essential oils that would make beautiful gifts, plus share some tips for how to make it.
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  • The perfect shower gel for Dad

    The perfect shower gel for Dad

    Stuck on ideas for the perfect Father's Day present? A bit over gifting the same socks, boxers, chocolates or whiskey every year? Feel like trying something new? Why not customise a Shower Gel just for Dad? Make it yourself. We'll show you how.
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  • Roll On Deodorant

    Roll On Deodorant

    The benefits to only using natural deodorants over anti-perspirants and commercially made over the counter deodorants are immense. Learn how to craft your very own natural roll-on deodorant with only a few simple and easy ingredients.
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  • Skin Care Naturally

    Skin Care Naturally

    When it comes to skincare, we should focus on just that – care for our skin. Healthy skin will naturally be glowing, radiant and all the good things, and we believe that the best way to care for skin is naturally. Learn why here.
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  • Spots Be Gone Anti-Acne Serum

    Spots Be Gone Anti-Acne Serum

    Struggling with spots? This Anti-Acne Serum will help to clarify and calm skin that is prone to breakouts thanks to the natural powerhouse - Tea Tree! together with Hemp Seed Oil, Clary Sage Oil and Berry Oil this serum tones skin and reduce the skin blemishes.


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  • Redness Reducer Serum

    Redness Reducer Serum

    If your sensitive skin has you seeing red, keep calm and apply this redness reducing serum. It includes luscious ingredients rich in vitamins and fatty acids that will help calm and balance skin, keep it hydrated, protected and even glowing.
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  • Moisture Replenisher Serum

    Moisture Replenisher Serum

    This super nourishing facial oil serum using mother earths best will have you singing to the high heavens whilst protecting your face against the biting winds of Winter and free radicals that can have an ageing effect on the skin(sing louder Louise!).
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